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With a New Inground Concrete Pool the possibilities are limitless. Concrete pool builder Brisbane – JH Pools and Spas focus on the development of new inground concrete pools in Brisbane. A Concrete Pool’s shape can become an outlining design feature of any rear yard whether your space is large or small.

Concrete Pools can be custom-designed to fit superbly into any yard. The design decisions are unlimited ; meaning your ultimate pool is totally unique and original. Our experienced team will help you to design a Concrete Pool that not only looks extraordinary, but also makes most efficient utilisation of the space available. The primary advantages of Concrete Pools include;. Good range of colors and kinds of internal finishes to choose between.

Today with tricky water limitations, JH Pools and Spas can also help you to design an ecological pool and back garden. With years of expertise, JH Pools Pools can design and make a shangri la right in your own yard. Our experience in the design and development of commercial and household Concrete Pools is a guarantee of our high standard and service.

Pool Builders BrisbanePool and Spa Combinations

The advantage of having a custom-designed pool is you can have a spa built into your pool. These spas are generally built with a dividing wall to split it from the key pool, making allowances for independent heating and jet systems. By adding a spa onto your pool, you can reduce heating and upkeep costs of a bigger pool, yet still use your spa for leisure and entertaining all year. Lap pools are built to be long, narrow and oblong. Precisely as the name says, they’re the proper size for swimming laps and are a welcome boost to your house for your fitness and health.

Lap Pools

Lap pools can include water features or a spa to form a unbroken entertainment and leisure area together with being a place to work out.

Courtyard Pools

Courtyard pools are smaller sized pools built to fit a smaller space. They offer the same advantages of a regular pool while maximizing use of area. Because they’re smaller in size, courtyard pools can more simply incorporate jet systems and seating / ledging, making them a wonderful solution to a tiny rear yard or entertainment area.

Plunge Pools

Plunge pools are called a pool that’s bigger than a spa but smaller compared to a pool. Plunge pools are found in nature, they’re formed by the “falling” weight of water from a waterfall carving out a pool in the rocky formations below a cliff face. In your rear yard, these pools are also superb for areas with constrained space as they appear to be often 4 to 7 metres wide, but only 1.2 metres at the deepest point.

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